OUTUXED Jewelry Making Kit: An All-In-One Solution for Crafting

The OUTUXED Jewelry Making Kit is an all-inclusive bracelet making kit, featuring thousands of top-quality glass seed beads and alphabet letter beads. The kit also includes various crucial accessories, such as durable & elastic string cords and tweezers. This is the perfect DIY material set, designed with beginners, seasoned craft makers, and everyone in between in mind.

What's Inside the OUTUXED Jewelry Making Kit?

For starters, there are 7200 pieces of 4mm glass seed beads. These beads are tiny and delicate, adding a touch of grace to any piece of jewelry. In addition, 300pcs alphabet letter beads are included in the kit. These letter beads come in two shapes: square beads measuring 6 * 6mm and oblate beads measuring 4 * 7mm. The holes in the letter beads are approximately 1mm, ideal for threading the elastic string through.

Well-thought-out packaging ensures that all components remain intact and organized. Each color of glass beads is separately stored in its own section in the storage box to prevent mixing. Similarly, each letter bead is individually packaged in its own bag, allowing for easy and convenient storage.

The kit also comes with 0.8mm elastic string that's crafted to be ideal for all beads in the set. This elastic string is of superior quality, exhibiting better elasticity compared to regular crystal elastic strings.

The Perfect DIY Jewelry Material

The OUTUXED jewelry making kit is an excellent choice for creating a variety of jewelry pieces, including bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. The high-quality glass beads included in the kit guarantee durability and add a touch of elegance to any project.

While the beads and accessories are intended to be used with confidence, it's recommended that children use them under the supervision of adults. This is primarily to prevent accidental ingestion out of curiosity.

FAQ Section

How big are the beads in the OUTUXED jewelry making kit?

The glass beads are small, about 4mm in diameter, the square letter beads are 6 * 6mm, and the oblate letter beads are 4 * 7mm.

Can the beads from different sections get mixed up during shipping?

No, the packaging ensures that each color of glass beads and each letter bead has its own separate section or bag that prevents mixing.

What is the size of the string that comes with the kit?

The kit includes a 0.8mm elastic string that's highly elastic and suitable for all beads provided in the kit.


The OUTUXED Jewelry Making Kit is a versatile and comprehensive set, laden with high-quality beads and essential accessories. It is perfect for both beginners looking to start their jewelry-making venture and expert crafters seeking quality materials. It's easy to use, well-organized, and wholeheartedly dedicated to igniting creative passion.

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OUTUXED Jewelry Making Kit: An All-In-One Solution for Crafting OUTUXED Jewelry Making Kit: An All-In-One Solution for Crafting Reviewed by Stormy Dof on May 09, 2024 Rating: 5

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